Eye injuries are more common than you probably realize – there are almost one million occurrences annually and half of them occur in the home. Experts state that over 90% of eye injuries are preventable by wearing protective eyewear and taking preventive measures. They recommend wearing safety glasses or goggles while performing yard work, using power tools, or playing sports. Wrap-style, close-fit eyewear is the most effective for keeping airborne particles out of your eyes.

Protective eyewear should be worn whenever a task involves:

  • Hazardous chemicals or other substances that could damage your eyes.
  • Flying debris or other small particles. Both the person performing the task and any bystanders should take precautionary steps.
  • Projectiles or objects that can fly into your eyes unexpectedly.

Risk of eye injury also increases when completing a task while rushing, feeling tired, being distracted, or when the task is new or unfamiliar. Your vision is irreplaceable, so be sure to slow down, stay focused, and take the appropriate precautions to protect your eyes.