Everyone loves to find a good deal and save money, so why aren’t you saving on your health care yet? With the Ideal Advantage, team members can earn a wellness credit at open enrollment by completing two simple steps: 1) Completing your annual physical and submitting the “Physician Verification Form” to HAP and 2) Taking your health assessment. IT’S THAT EASY! Note that married team members must also have their spouses complete these steps under their own log-in to be eligible for the credit.

Let’s get started:

  • Go to www.hap.org and log-in
  • Go to the “My Health & Wellness” tab (in orange) and select “iStrive for Better Health”
  • In the wellness portal, go to the “Rewards” tab
  • Ideal Advantage is the first activity and provides instructions on how to earn
  • Annual physical – Team members who submitted their annual physical to Go365 in 2018 will see that they already received credit for this activity. Haven’t had your physical yet? No problem! Schedule an appointment with your physician and take the Physician Verification Form linked in the instructions with you. Fax the completed form back to HAP by April 30th.
  • Health assessment – Click the “Earn Now” button to get started or check out last week’s wellness tips of how to navigate from your home page.
  • Once both steps are completed, you will see a graphic like the one below as confirmation. Keep in mind, that this confirms you have completed both steps only (not your spouse). Your spouse will get a separate confirmation upon completion.