Preventative care services screen for health factors that could indicate a medical condition. These services are one of the most important in health care because they are focused on prevention of conditions and allow for quicker detection and treatment when they occur. We all know that Humana rewards points for completing your Go365 Biometric Screening, which is comparable to receiving your annual physical. Did you know that you can also earn points for other common prevention activities?

  • Females age 18 and over – receiving their annual Pap test or pelvic exam.
  • Females age 40 and over – receiving a mammogram.
  • Males age 40 and over – receiving a prostate exam.
  • Anyone age 50 and over – receiving a colorectal screening.

Each of these screenings earns you 400 Go365 points. To submit these activities, go to “Prevention” under the “Activities” tab. Click “View Details” to get more information or submit for points. The activity can be submitted online by completing the two fields and uploading a copy of your Explanation of Benefits or other medical record documenting the service and date received. If you prefer to submit by mail or fax, scroll to the bottom of the page for the Go365 Prevention Activity Form and send in with a copy of your Explanation of Benefits or other medical record. Make sure to always retain a copy before mailing to Go365