The recent buzz around Ideal Surplus has been the launch of our brand-new website, containing over 50,000 products. While a new layout and updating some photos might look nice, it doesn’t automatically mean website visitors and sales will increase. Online shopping, or e-commerce, has drastically changed the buying process and it’s safe to say almost everyone shops online or at least researches a product online before buying.

A key piece to making sure people get to experience our new website is by showing search engines such as Google and Bing the best parts about our products. Therefore, Ideal Surplus has invested in a few members of the marketing team to guarantee more exposure for our new website!

Kelly Starrett makes sure the website navigates smoothly and our web pages load quickly. Curtis Rose is responsible for product uploads and ensuring our listings cooperate well with search engines. Our newest hire, Garrett Fishaw, will be on top of publishing blog articles to keep our content fresh and up to date.

Putting together a new website isn’t the end-all to having a successful e-commerce business. Online shoppers are constantly looking for quick feedback and the most efficient way to find the products they need. At Ideal Surplus, we understand the importance of this trend and have invested in the right pieces to stay ahead of the curve!