Did you know that someone in the US needs a blood donation every 2 seconds and that more than 36,000 blood donations are needed daily? Your blood donation doesn’t just help your community, it also earns you Go365 points. Each blood donation earns 50 points and you can donate up to 6 times per year – 300 possible points! Ideal Detroit is hosting a blood drive on June 29th. Go to http://www.redcrossblood.org/give/drive/driveSearch.jsp and enter “idealgroup” as the sponsor code to make your appointment. Not at the Detroit location? Use the same link and enter your zip code to find a blood drive locally.

Don’t forget to claim your points:

  • Get proof of your donation from the American Red Cross
  • Log in to Go365 at https://www.go365.com/
  • Select “Activities” in the blue tool bar
  • Select “Healthy Living”
  • Under the “Donate Blood” section click on “View Details”
  • Scroll down and enter your donation date and upload your proof of donation
  • Submit