Twenty years ago on September 6, 1995, Daryl Palms began his career with the Ideal Group.  Daryl came to the Ideal Steel facility through the Camp Brighton program.  At Ideal Steel, Daryl learned how to read blue prints and weld. Daryl was one of the men who came to Ideal Steel at 7 a.m. and stayed past 5 p.m. most nights when the shop closed. He showed dedication and appreciation for his Ideal job.

While at Ideal, Daryl has held various positions, including the handrail department.   He is currently the Team Manager of the Ideal Shield guardrail department, where he oversees the production of guardrail.   Daryl is also a mentor to many young men that come through his department who are in need of guidance.  Abel Gutierrez, Ideal Shield Plant Manager said, “Daryl is a very reliable asset to Ideal Shield.  He’s here when you ask him to be, and does what he is asked to do.”

When asked what his favorite thing about working for the Ideal Group is, Daryl replied, “The way the company treats me and everyone equally. The Ideal Group really cares about everyone and the community as a whole and wants them to succeed regardless of their past.”

In Daryl’s spare time, he likes to eat chicken shawarma and drive anything fast, ranging from race cars, motorcycles, go carts, and speed boats.  Not at the same time of course, and safety first!

“We celebrate Daryl’s 20 years of service. From his first day of employment, Daryl gave us his best effort and learned something new every day. Thank you Daryl for your hard work, loyalty, and for being the man you are.” says Frank Venegas, Chairman of Ideal Group. Congratulations on your 20 Years of Service Daryl! You have reached a very important milestone in your career at Ideal Shield.