Congratulations are in order for Ideal Steel’s Eddie Gutierrez. This month, Eddie celebrated his 20th anniversary working with Ideal.

In 1997, Eddie and his family left California and moved to Michigan. With the help of his brother, Abel Gutierrez, Eddie joined the Ideal Steel family in Hamburg, Michigan as a painter. Despite the long commute, Eddie loved the work and enjoyed his time working in Hamburg.

In 2004, Eddie moved to Ideal’s headquarters in Detroit and began working with Ideal Shield before rejoining Ideal Steel in January 2016. Eddie loves his work and has enjoyed his 20 years with Ideal.

Outside of the shop, Eddie enjoys working around the house and spending time with his family. He describes himself as shy, but easy going.

Eddie also works alongside his son, Elijah Gutierrez, in Ideal Steel. With a strong sense of pride, Eddie says, “I appreciate having my son work here, making sure that the Gutierrez name sticks around here for a while.”