Having Aflac coverage can be a big relief when the “what-ifs” in life become “now-what’s”. Aflac goes above-and-beyond what regular insurance covers to pay cash benefits directly to YOU when a claim is filed. The payouts can be used to cover medical bills, your mortgage, car payment, whatever you and your family needs! Ideal offers Aflac policies for accident, hospital, critical illness, cancer, disability, and life during our annual open enrollment. Don’t enroll and forget about it though – there are so many ways to cash in on your Aflac policy, including a wellness benefit of $40-75/year for each covered person on your accident or cancer policy. Think about it, a cash payout for simply visiting that doctor you needed to see anyway! Go to Aflac SmartClaim at https://phs.aflac.com/aflac.phs.app/account/login to file a claim online and get cash in your pocket quickly.