Twice a year dental check-ups, annual vision exams – You and your spouse probably already get these routine examinations. But did you know that you can get rewarded by Go365 as well? You can earn 200 points for receiving your annual vision exam and 200 points for each of your twice yearly dental exams.  Claim your points using one of these easy methods:

1)    Online using the Go365 portal. Select the “Activities” tab and go to “Prevention”. Click the “view details” button under either Get a dental exam or Get a vision exam. Scroll to the bottom of the page to step 2 to enter for points. Complete the three questions and upload a copy of your detailed receipt or explanation of benefits.

2)    Submit a Prevention Activity Form through the mail or fax. Follow the same path as method 1, but directly below the submission area is a link for the form as a PDF. Send the completed form to Go365 using the contact information on page 2 of the form along with your detailed receipt or explanation of benefits.

Remember: Ideal’s dental insurance covers dental cleanings at 100% and eye exams only have a $10 co-pay. The importance of these examinations goes beyond oral and vision care. Other key health indicators can be observed for conditions impacting your general health. So don’t wait, get your exams scheduled today!