This past Friday, July 22, Build U interns had the opportunity to work at Cadillac Urban Gardens and Scarcyny Park with Magna International. Paulina Torres wrote in her blogpost, “Although it was an extremely hot and sweaty day, I was able to get a lot of work done and have a great day. Four interns stayed to help in Cadillac and the other four headed to Scarcyny.

I was on the Scarcyny team and assisted in pulling weeds, spreading dirt on top of the mulch, and helped set up for the Mad Hatter Tea Party that occurred on Saturday, August 23rd. We had tacos provided by Taco Veloz for lunch, followed by a refreshing paleta (ice cream). I also got to drive a skytrac lift toward the end of the day with the help of Angel from PDPM. “

Thank you to all the interns that participated with Magna for their volunteer day! To read more blog posts and follow Build U interns day-to-day experiences, check out,