These feel good exercises are designed to keep you moving well, because when you move better, you feel better! Incorporate these into your routine every other day. However, if you have any pain with any of the exercises, stop immediately and let us know. Remember, consistency is the key to fitness and it all adds up. Doing exercise here and there throughout the day can be effective. So get moving, stretch often and encourage others to join you!


  1. Chair Squats  10 – 15 reps/2 sets
  2. Seated Figure 4 Stretch  10 second holds on each side/2 sets
  3. Active Leg Raise  10/15 reps each side/one set
  4. Spinal Rotation with Ball  60 secs/1 set
  5. Prayer Stretch 60 secs/1 set


Use Good Form: Slow and controlled movements – always.

Have Good Posture: Sit or stand tall, as this will place you in good position to have excellent form.

Mind Your Muscle: Think about where you feel the exercise. It will wake up more muscle fibers.