About Ideal Group

Providing customers with the best in quality and service. Caring for our Southwest Detroit community.

Our History

In 1979, Frank Venegas, Jr. bought a raffle ticket at the Livingston County Builders Ball for a Cadillac Coupe DeVille. With a little bit of luck, he won the Cadillac and drove it for nine days and before selling it for seed money to fund his first business.

Fast forward 38 years and the Ideal Group has grown into eight companies, employs over 500 people and is located on the grounds of the old Cadillac Clark Street Plant; where the Cadillac that started it all was born.

Today, the Ideal Group companies manufacture products you see everywhere; from bollard covers at a local ATM and constructing buildings throughout the Midwest, to managing inventory in major manufacturer facilities. Ideal believes in Safety Comes in Cans, the customer is always king and caring for the community we reside in.

Headquartered in the heart of one of Detroit’s most vibrant communities, Ideal hires from Southwest Detroit and collaborates with local businesses and organizations to support and strengthen this neighborhood.

Our Mission

We are Ideal…a customer focused company delivering innovative solutions, providing maximum value in construction services, manufacturing, and indirect material management.

We Are Ideal Group

Ideal Group is a family of companies that has an array of businesses under its umbrella. See what we can do for you by cycling through the companies below.

Our Companies

Started in 1979, the Ideal Group began with a little bit of luck. Frank Venegas, Jr. won a 1979 Cadillac Coupe deVille at the raffle during Livingston County Builders Ball Dance. Frank drove the Cadillac home, cruised in it for nine days, sold it and the Ideal Steel and Builders Supplies was born. Since those days, the Ideal Group has grown to include eight award-winning companies with worldwide reach. Whether MRO material management, construction services or guardrail, handrail and bollard covers, the Ideal Group touches almost every industry.

Come experience all of our companies:

Safety Comes In Cans

Safety is paramount to everything we do. The safety of our people and work sites means everything to us. Together, we create a safe work place.

Safety & Quality

For Ideal Group, safety comes in Cans, “I Can, You Can, We Can.” The Safety Comes in Cans program identifies workplace and program safety hazards while positively reinforcing good safety behaviors and urging continuous improvements.

I Can

Each Ideal Group team member is held to the highest level of safety standards; and undergoes extensive training to enforce a safe working environment, while maintaining an active knowledge of the hazards they may face in the workplace.

You Can

The Ideal Group works closely with all stakeholders to identify hazards prior to beginning a project. We also communicate closely with our customers in regards to program safety requirements and standards to ensure that our services will be executed efficiently and safely.

We Can

Ideal Group makes work sites safe for all stakeholders. We surpass safety requirements and exceed industry safety standards on every location due to our commitment to quality, efficiency, and program safety.

Our Quality Standard

Our commitment to Quality is achieved through the following principles:

  • Meet or exceed the expectations of our team members, suppliers, and customers
  • Deliver safe, cost-effective programs efficiently and on time
  • Enforce prevention as the method of ensuring the Ideal result within
  • To foster good relationships with clients by effective communications with clients and encouraging feedback.
  • Secure the cooperation and involvement of each and every member of the Ideal team

Ideal Achievements

Ideal Group recognition spanning over 38 years.


Ideal Group companies strive to be industry leaders in safety and innovation, focused on quality and care for the community around us.

Chairman’s Vision And President’s Priorities

2018 Chairman’s Vision

What a year this has been for our Ideal Group companies and for me personally! Throughout 2017, we experienced growth and improvement at every level of the organization. While we can attribute our continued progress to many things, I believe the leadership depth within our companies, as well as the hard work and desire that each of our employees and interns exhibit daily truly make the difference.

I am proud of our customer-focused, family-oriented, and community driven culture, all operating under in our highly valued safety environment. This past year (our 38th year in business) was the perfect example of each company putting those qualities on display. Ideal is much more than just a collection of companies looking to provide high quality service and products to our loyal customers. It is an organization made up of talented high performers, incredible leaders and focused team members continuing to build upon the Ideal legacy.

Ideal Group and the Venegas family values were highly visible in our 2017 accomplishments. Ideal Contracting’s work on high profile projects like the District Detroit’s new Little Caesars Arena and Ideal Setech bringing home Ideal’s 13th General Motors’ Supplier of the Year Award are two fine examples. In addition, Ideal Shield’s new twist on its sign bases furthers the company’s position as a leader in the facility guarding equipment industry. Ideal Utility Services made utility industry waves with its first installations of its innovative ballistic barriers. Both Ideal Steel and Ideal Surplus forged ahead improving efficiencies and customer delivery with facility improvements, equipment upgrades and inventory management. Every Ideal company has demonstrated hard work, leadership and the desire to be great.

2018 is set to be our biggest year ever. We need to continue to take care of our customer, be innovative, and go outside our comfort zones. New opportunities are coming. Are you ready? I know I am! This is something we will all need to do together. I know we have the right people within our companies to meet our lofty expectations and go well beyond even my wildest dreams.

Thank you for making 2017 a success. Your passion and drive have been a catalyst for our accomplishments and has personally pushed me to get better and be better. Continue to think. Continue to innovate. Continue to motivate. Our best comes out when we go off the beaten path and are willing to make new mistakes.

Push forward, focus on safety and keep thinking outside of the box; that is how we will Stay Ahead and Be the Best!

Frank Venegas, Jr.
Chairman & CEO

President’s Priorities

Loren Venegas, President, Ideal Group 

The Ideal Group is a family business through and through. From our employees to our customers, we look at everyone as a key component to our company. Our people are what make us; it is the customer that drives us. This is why we hold safety in such high regard and focus on increasing safety vigilance in every aspect of the workday. We shall continue to innovate and create to keep our customers happy which in turn will help Ideal grow and thrive even more moving forward.

Linzie Venegas, Vice President, Ideal Group 

Thinking outside of the box is something that we pride ourselves on at Ideal. Our innovative mindset is what sets us apart. To me, this is Vuja Dé, which unlike Déjà vu, is the ability to look at a reoccurring situation and seeing something different. My father, Frank, did this when he invented the bumper post sleeve. Years later, he looked at empty automotive parts bins and envisioned above ground vegetable gardens and thus we created Cadillac Urban Gardens.

We too can experience Vuja De. Together, we can look at our everyday performance and situations for new opportunities and better ways to deliver our products and services. Adding this skillset to our toolbox will help us continue to grow as individuals and as an organization.

Jesse Venegas, Vice President, Ideal Group

2017 has been a challenging and successful year!  It always amazes me how our company can stay focused and determined when under pressure. Even when things get tough, we are there for our people and our community. This commitment inspires me and should inspire you. At Ideal, we share the mindset “Culture drives Strategy”. Being Honest, Customer-Focused, and Community Oriented, keeps us centered while we focus on our work. I am always so honored and humbled to work with such wonderful people.  Let’s Get after 2018!