About Ideal Group

Providing customers with the best in quality and service. Caring for our Southwest Detroit community.

The Ideal History

In 1979, Frank Venegas, Jr. bought a raffle ticket at the Livingston County Builders Ball for a Cadillac Coupe DeVille. With a little bit of luck, he won the Cadillac and drove it for nine days and before selling it for seed money to fund his first business.

Today, the Ideal Group companies manufacture products you see everywhere; from bollard covers at a local ATM and constructing buildings throughout the Midwest, to managing inventory in major manufacturing facilities.

Ideal believes that Safety Brings Us Home, “the customer is always king”, and caring for your community will take your company to new levels.

Headquartered in the heart of one of Detroit’s most vibrant communities, Ideal has focused on hiring from Southwest Detroit and its other local regions it operates in. With a commitment to collaborating with local businesses and organizations, Ideal continues to support and strengthen its neighborhoods for the betterment of everyone. 

The Frank Venegas – Ideal Group Story

Our Mission

We are Ideal… A customer focused company delivering innovative solutions, providing maximum value in construction services, manufacturing, and indirect material management.

Customer-Focused. Family-Oriented. Community-Driven.

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Safety is paramount to everything we do. The safety of our people and work sites means everything to us. Together, we create a safe work place to ensure everyone goes home safe.

Safety & Quality

As part of our commitment to keeping our employees, clients, and the communities we work in safe, we’ve adopted a “safety first” culture. We encourage all employees to speak up and stop work if they see unsafe practices.

We initiated a safety campaign to engage employees’ families and implemented it at every Ideal Group facility and work site. This program reinforces our safe working practices and how it impacts others, especially family members.

Our Quality Standard

Our Commitment to Quality is achieved through the following principles:

  • Meet or exceed the expectations of our team members, suppliers, and customers
  • Deliver safe, cost-effective programs efficiently and on time
  • Enforce prevention as the method of ensuring the Ideal result within
  • To foster good relationships with clients by effective communications with clients and encouraging feedback.
  • Secure the cooperation and involvement of each and every member of the Ideal team

Ideal Achievements & Awards

The Ideal Group of Companies strive to be industry leaders in safety and innovation, focused on quality and care for the community around us. 

GM Supplier of the Year Awards

National Safety Awards

Supplier Diversity Awards

Chairman’s Vision & President’s Priorities

Chairman’s Vision

  • Be Smart; Be Safe; Be Well; Speak Up
  • Take Care of the Customer
  • Be an Innovative Thinker and Mentor
  • Invest in and Grow the Talent Base
  • Embrace the Ideal Culture and Core Values
  • Listen, Focus, Collaborate and Execute Flawlessly
  • Create Wealth and Opportunities for Our Customers, Suppliers, Employees, and Community
  • Tell the Ideal Story

CEO’s Priorities

  • Always Put Safety and Wellness First
  • Look for Efficiencies
  • Embrace Technology
  • Innovate and Create Growth
  • Act with a Sense of Urgency
  • Champion the Ideal Culture of Mentorship
  • Prioritize Internal and External Communication
  • Be Customer-Centered; Customers Drive Our Business

The Ideal Group companies are proud of our customer-focused, family-oriented, and community-driven culture. We operate under our highly valued safety environment. In the past year, our companies have experienced growth at every level of the organization. We pride ourselves on our innovative mindset. From our employees to our customers, we look at everyone as a key component to our company.

Our people are what make us; the customer drives us. Your passion and drive have been a catalyst for our accomplishments and has personally pushed me to get better and be better. Continue to think. Continue to innovate. Continue to motivate. Our best comes out when we go off the beaten path and are willing to make new mistakes.

We need to continue to take care of our customer, be innovative, and go outside our comfort zones

Push forward, focus on safety and wellness, and keep thinking outside of the box; that is how we will Stay Ahead and Be the Best!

Frank Venegas, Jr.
Chairman & Founder

Loren Venegas