Frank Venegas believes in giving people second chances. He sees people not for their mistakes, but for what they can accomplish and their desire to learn. When Frank Venegas met the workforce coordinator for Camp Brighton, he was introduced to a group of men who wanted a second a chance despite their criminal past. Frank Venegas gave all of these men a job and an opportunity to grow.
Daryl Palms was one of the men to get dropped off at Ideal Steel at 7 a.m. and when the shopped closed at 5 p.m, he stayed. Frank took a special liking to Daryl and the rest of the Camp Brighton men and he began to teach them all how to weld and read blue prints. Daryl Palms has now been with Ideal Group for nineteen years and has only missed two days of work in his whole career. Daryl is now the Guardrail Team Manager for Ideal Shield and a mentor to many young men who need guidance. “We brag about our employees” because they are our greatest assets”, says Frank Venegas.