In recent months, Ideal Shield has added three new members to their team. Ideal Shield welcomes Toni Lesatz, Richard Grove, and Laurence Buckley, and would like to give you the opportunity to get to know them as they settle into their new roles.

Ladies first! Please welcome Toni, added to the team as a Sales and Marketing executive, as well as the chief content writer for the Ideal Shield blog and marketing materials. With an extensive background in sales and marketing, she is a great addition to the Shield team. In addition, she is a published author and book blogger with several awards for her writing. I think it’s safe to say that reading and writing are hobbies that led to her current position with Ideal Shield. Toni has shared that, in her short time at Ideal, she has been most pleased to learn that, “Ideal Shield isn’t just a job, but a career path with massive amounts of support from fellow co-workers. It feels very much like an extended family here.” In her first few months with Ideal Shield, Toni has written and developed Ideal Shield’s AIA training program. There is no doubt about Toni’s dedication to her career and to her endeavors outside of the workplace. She is a dedicated mother and wife, and her family is very devoted to their church and their faith.  With that said, her life advice to others is impactful. “Always stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and follow your dreams. That’s what I tell my children every day.”


Next, let’s meet Richard, the Western region sales manager. He describes his position at Ideal Shield as, “Something new and that makes it exciting and challenging. The people here have been welcoming and helpful. The family environment helps it feel like home after moving back to Michigan from Arizona. I really enjoy the sense of community here.” Rick expresses a great deal of love for his wife, their daughter, and his two rescue dogs.  In his free time, he likes to relax at home, having family and friends visit whenever possible. Rick and his wife coach a special needs little league team, showing a true dedication to their community. Richard is very Pure Michigan, and recommends taking a fall trip to an apple orchard to enjoy a mug of hot cider and fresh doughnuts… not a bad suggestion at all!  For all the sports lovers, take note – Rick is a Wings and Tigers fan and enjoys college football; Spartan football to be exact. For all of the car fanatics out there, ask about the 90’ GT convertible Mustang he rebuilt. We asked Rick for his life advice in the closing of our meeting. “It seems like everything moves faster nowadays. Life events take place one right after another. Take a step back while you’re in a moment and take a look around, look at everybody, take it all in and appreciate being in that moment instead of letting it pass by.” Given how rapidly life has changed in our technology-driven world, that is a solid piece of advice.


Last, but certainly not least, please welcome Laurence, Ideal Shield’s Midwest sales manager. Laurence is a New York native, but spent the last 10 years working and traveling abroad with his wife. They had the unique opportunity to visit all seven continents during their overseas travels, and now hope to explore the states once again. Laurence told us his most memorable experience was in Antarctica while working on a cruise ship. “It was Christmas morning of 2008. I remember the rust-red color of the Esperanza Research Station on the shore, and the sun being very bright against the snow-covered ground. As I stood there taking in the sight, a group of Adélie penguins floated by on an iceberg. One jumped into the water and the rest followed. The water was so clear I could see them darting through the water. It was mesmerizing.” Wow, that’s an incredible Christmas memory! Laurence comes to Shield with a well-rounded, abundant amount of knowledge that he acquired from numerous different roles during his professional journey. His most recent position was international sales and marketing for Compass Publishing in South Korea. Laurence enjoys the people of Ideal Shield and told us, “I like the small, family-oriented feel of the organization. My co-workers enjoy life and work hard, which fits with my work ethic and focus. The leadership is clear and helps people to grow and move within the company.” Laurence studied finance at the University of Maryland and attributes his school spirit to watching U of MD basketball. He also happens to be a U of M fan, as his wife and her family are die-hard Wolverine fans. Though he doesn’t claim to have a favorite sport or team, he enjoys the social aspect that games allow.


While it may feel like you know Shield’s newest members after reading about them, don’t be shy. Please introduce yourself and help continue to welcome them into Ideal’s family.