I’ve had an excellent experience with Humana. After I had my second son I was overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy but I wasn’t doing anything about it. When Ideal started the Humana program, I was excited about lowering the cost of health care but I had no idea I would be so eager to get involved. With the first challenge, Steps to San Francisco, I was determined to prove to myself that I could do well. Knowing I wasn’t going to be the best, I still incorporated walking into my daily life. I walked in the morning before work, at lunch with coworkers, and after dinner with my kids. As I started seeing results, I hesitantly stepped on the scale (for the first time in years) and saw that I was 184 lbs. I saw progress but realized I needed to continue. I started to incorporate healthy (and kid-friendly) meals along with continuing exercise. I started with walking more and doing light home exercise programs. I gradually increased difficulty, ending up with the Insanity exercise program. I’ve managed to complete the Insanity program twice and maintain my weight at 130. I’m down more than 50 lbs from the first time I weighed myself!  I’ve managed to keep it off with incorporating healthy behaviors in my daily life. The articles and accountability from Humana along with the support of my coworkers have been the largest contributors of my success. Plus, a couple days of meeting my step goal and I get a Macy’s or Target gift card?! I’m in!

I may not have realized how unhealthy I was and how important it is to take care of myself if Ideal hadn’t started the Humana program. It opened my eyes a bit and gave me a kick start to get going. My family and I have truly benefited from the Humana program in more ways than one.