Scarcyny Park & Garden celebrated its 3rd Annual Green Halloween on Saturday, October 29. Linda Rhodes, Quicken Loans, and many others arrived early in the morning along with volunteers to set up an exciting day for the neighborhood children. This year Scarcyny featured a haunted house. The Haunted House included stations such as, the Mad Scientist Room, the Skeleton Room, the Witch Room, the Ghost Room, and a Haunted Ballroom. Once the children made it to the to the end of the haunted house, they each received a pumpkin to paint and take home. Over 60 children came to this years Green Halloween!! Thank you! 

Thank you to all who donated to this year’s Green Halloween: Linda Rhodes, Luxon Family, Pat Wells, Butch Skura, Honey Bee Market, Busch’s Grocery Store in Carleton, Sylvia Gucken and Linzie Venegas. A special thank you to all who volunteered to set up, clean up, and dress up!