Scarcyny Park

Scarcyny Park is a perennial garden in the Southwest Detroit community. It adds aesthetic value to its neighboring residents and corporations by blooming magnificently colored tulips, roses, lilies, and many other luxurious flowers. From its start in May, 2011, volunteers took a stand to transform a grassy lot into another flourishing attraction the people Motor City can take pride in. It has now come to its fifth year of harvest and still stands as a symbol of rebirth for Detroit.

The name of the park also holds symbolism. Scarnyny was named by one of the children of the initial volunteer groups. According to him, it is a word from an ancient language meaning ‘hidden within’. The name fits the park, as Scarcyny is bordered by houses, buildings, and factories, leaving only Junction Street as the only viewable source for commuters. This garden is certainly hidden within a typical Detroit environment, but grows every year, leaving it up to the people to find our hidden ‘treasure’.

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