2016 Pre-Task Plan Summer Safety Incentive Program

From now until July 18th, 2016, we will be holding a Summer Safety Program for Ideal Group employee families (children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews). Whomever you consider family and is under 18 is welcome to submit an entry!

We ask that each employee and their family create and Pre-Task Plan with an illustrated or computer rendered picture or video of how you stay safe in your home.

Each submission will receive a $25 gift card and 3 winners will be chosen for the Grand Prize drawing.

1st Prize – Gift Card for $600

2nd Prize – Gift Card for $400

3rd Prize – Gift Card for $200

Fill out the form below and attach a file to enter:

Upload your Video



Entries can also be submitted via email to KMcColl@idealcontracting.com for Ideal Contracting employees and RGutierrez@weareideal.com for all other companies.


  • All Ideal Group employees are eligible
  • Gift cards will be distributed after the the submission deadline
  • Only one gift card per family. Multiple submissions may be submitted for the Grand Prize Drawing
  • Written safety violations for the employee during the contest will result in the employee being ineligible for the Grand Prize Drawing.

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