Safety & Quality

For Ideal Group, safety comes in “Cans” – I Can, You Can, We Can. The Safety Comes in Cans program identifies workplace and program safety hazards while positively reinforcing good safety behaviors and urging continuous improvements.

I Can

Each Ideal Group team member is held to the highest level of safety standards; and undergoes extensive training to enforce a safe working environment, while maintaining an active knowledge of the hazards they may face in the workplace.

You Can

Ideal Group works closely with all stakeholders to identify hazards prior to beginning a project. We also communicate closely with our customers in regards to program safety requirements and standards to ensure that our services are being executed efficiently and safely.

We Can

Ideal Group makes work sites safe for all stakeholders. We surpass safety requirements and exceed industry safety standards on every location due to our commitment to quality, efficiency, and program safety.

Our Quality Standard

Our commitment to Quality is achieved through the following principles:

  • Fulfill the expectations of our team members, suppliers, and customers
  • Deliver safe, cost-effective programs in an efficient amount of time
  • Recognize prevention as the method of ensuring the Ideal result
  • Encourage teamwork among our employees
  • Enable associates to demonstrate innovation and communicate candidly
  • Secure the cooperation and involvement of each and every member of the Ideal team

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