2017 Chairman’s Vision

We are very proud of our Ideal Group companies 2016 successes, including the completion of our Detroit Headquarters renovation and expansion. The year 2017 promises to be the year of opportunity and growth. We have more seasoned and bright young talent than ever before in all of our companies. This year, there will be a focus on pulling from the Ideal talent base, inviting them to serve on corporate project-specific creativity teams.

We expect the teams to lift Ideal’s overall knowledge and leadership base to better serve our customers. Ideal skills, talents, high expectations and performance position us to be Leaders in the Industry.

Our growth will happen by being smart with everything in our toolbox. 2017 is the year for Ideal to rally, pick up the pace and move up. Expansion and growth require all of us to be vigilant about safety. Safety Comes in Cans is a highly visible reminder in all our facilities and job sites. Safety_Comes_in_CansSpeak up on how we can improve our safety practices and our customers’ safety protocols. If something does not seem safe, stop and fix it. Engage others as required. Safety becomes even more important when we add new people and relocate teams. Everyday, it is our duty to make sure our team members return home safely.

New 2017 business opportunities with new and current customers will fuel Ideal Group’s growth. We will succeed by keeping our customers front and center in all of our endeavors, building trusting and enduring relationships and providing innovative solutions. Ideal’s culture drives our business and community strategies. In 2017, we are focused on Telling the Story! We want people to replicate our gardens in their neighborhood and our STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math) initiatives in our local schools. Together, we are developing vibrant networks of well prepared youth for our future skilled workforce. Our community and educational initiatives remain our best business and economic development tools. Thank you for your 2016 successes; be proud of all your remarkable achievements!

In 2017, be a catalyst for change, work with your team members, improve processes, listen to your customers, and communicate customer needs in products and services. Many of our best inventions, processes and companies began with a customer need. Be creative, be smart, implement effective strategies that will help us Stay Ahead and Be the Best!

Frank Venegas, Jr.
Chairman & CEO

2017 Presidents Priorities

The Ideal Group is proud of our companies’ 2016 successes and the completion of the Ideal Group Detroit Headquarters expansion and renovation. In 2017, our top priority is to increase safety awareness in every activity.

To do this, we will focus on moving to the next level in workplace safety, organization, and efficiency.
We remain customer-centered; we will employ seamless communication throughout our companies as we deliver our innovative products and services.

It is very important for all of our stakeholders that we increase our safety awareness. We want all to make safety very personal. We expect your active participation in pre-task safety planning, the ongoing formal safety observation process (SOP), toolbox talks and safety stand-downs. Be responsible and accountable! If you have a safety concern, speak up and report it to those around you. Take action to get the situation corrected. We want everyone to go home safe at the end of the day.

It has never been more important to manage the expected growth and profitability of the Ideal companies. Check out a book by
Marshall Goldsmith: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Read how successful people and leaders who continually push themselves, learn and grow to move to the next level. You can move to the next level as well. Get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself and your team members to learn new skills, implement new efficiencies, improve quality, and deliver excellent
customer service. Take advantage of the available talent and resources while utilizing everything you learned to date. Be positioned for tomorrow’s growth.

Individual and team growth will fuel our future capabilities. Managing our growth provides opportunities to build our companies’ talent and leadership from within. We will continue redefining our workplace including how we set up our workspaces, jobsites, and how we manufacture. We will do this with seamless communication and careful planning for our

Thanks to our strong attention to our 2016 priorities, the Ideal companies enjoyed the finish of another successful year, congratulations! The Venegas family thanks each of you for your contributions to our 2016 successes. Ideal Group team members are our best resources as we Stay Ahead and Be the Best.

Loren Venegas

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