About Ideal Group

Our History

In 1979, Frank Venegas, Jr. bought a raffle ticket at the Livingston County Builders Ball for a Cadillac Coupe DeVille. With a little bit of luck, he won the Cadillac, drove it for nine days and sold it for seed money to start his first business.

Fast forward 35 years and the Ideal Group has grown to include seven companies, employs over 500 people and is located on the grounds of the old Cadillac Clark Street Plant; where the Cadillac that started it all was born!

Today, the Ideal Group’s companies manufacture products you see everywhere; from bollard covers at a local ATM and constructing buildings throughout the Midwest, to managing inventory in major manufacturer’s facilities. Ideal believes Safety Comes In Cans, the customer is always king,and caring for the community we reside in.

Located in the heart of one of Detroit’s most vibrant communities, Southwest Detroit, Ideal hires from the community and collaborates with local businesses and organizations to stabilize and strength this neighborhood.

Our Mission

We are Ideal…a customer focused company delivering innovative solutions, providing maximum value in construction services, manufacturing, and indirect material management.

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